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PF Concepts understands that as a Healthcare Financial Officer it is critical that your Policies and Procedures for Patient Access and Patient Financial services are increasing your Return on Investment and decreasing your Accounts Receivables.  PF Concepts has developed specific solutions that will decrease your aging receivables through the increased generation of cash and increasing productivity. 

We accomplish this task for you by: Areas of Excellence
  • An increase in the accuracy and completeness of registration data from all points of access
  • Standardization of tracking and controls over all data gathering
  • Providing you with the capability to identify the need to revise data faster which is utilization by all of the downstream processes, with proactive denials prevention and less 3rd party management  
  • Improving communication which will result in better relationships within all areas of the revenue cycle
  • Increasing cash flow with reductions in bad debt expenses due to improved information accuracy and processes
  • Improving patient satisfaction, leading to increase utilization of services